A message for Brandeis’ Republicans

I sit on my couch surrounded by Blogaganza and start to skim through photos on-line. I’m searching for inspiration. I need a Kick-ASS Halloween Costume this year since I’m celebrating in DC after the Colbert and Stewart Rally. In a flash of pure genius I decide to dress up as Sarah Palin and name my costume “the seven deadly sins.”

I worry that Sarah Palin is an outdated political reference. What is the shelf life for an evil national politician that exploits her sex appeal? I do a Google image search for “sexy republican” to test my concern and maybe find an up-to-date alternative… Wait a minute… Is Sarah Jessica Parker really a Republican?!? I pictured Ann Coulter, or someone equally “fair and balanced.” But who knows? Maybe Republicans find Sarah Jessica Parker alluring.

This entire discussion reminds me of the pathetic comic used on the Brandeis Libertarian-Conservative Union’s website. Haven’t seen it? Click here: This is the kind of blatant anti-feminist message I thought was outdated and unacceptable on any part of our campus (cyber or not). Does this image really represent the best of our community? As Erica Albright said in The Social Network, “The internet isn’t written in pencil, its written in INK!” (or code…) I for one am unsettled by this kind of visual discrimination masked as humor. Please, Brandeis Libertarian-Conservative Union, please get rid of this offensive visual.

Please respond with your Halloween costume ideas.


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  1. Whoa, guys! Even bigger issue! They misspelled Nic Cage’s name.

    There’s no K!

    I’m so much more disappointed in this faux pas than the sexist rubbish. Just saying…

  2. I’d contest that the subjugation is real vs perceived. While we want to of course be taken seriously, we have to remember that this is a world where many need a tough skin. If Martin Luther King Jr and other pioneers of the civil rights era took comments far far far far worse than a following glare to their head, they would’ve cowered back, and not broken the ground that they did. Rising up is letting someone win in their head, and not thinking about it twice in yours. And power is a pure dynamic-I wouldn’t say I hate men, but as you well know-they run the show too often. To flip that dynamic, ain’t the worst feeling.
    Again-don’t forget the playful nature of the cartoon…no one would use that to any meaningful political gain. Political pundits have said worse about Bush, etc etc

  3. @Debby… wow, where to start…?

    “The only subjection happens in their heads! If we use our natural beauty to our advantage, we take the power” …really? REALLY?!?! I think every woman who has ever had to fend off unwanted advances (or worse), would disagree with your assessment that subjection (I think you mean objectification?) only happens in the heads of the subjectors. “Next time a guy takes notice of you, don’t roll your eyes-smile in satisfaction. You’ve won.” Honestly, is that how you measure victory? If so, fine, that’s your prerogative, but not every woman wants to measure her success by the number of men hitting on her. For example, I would rather measure my success on the basis of my accomplishments. Which isn’t to say that you can’t dress up, or look/be sexy… but do it for yourself, not some guy.

    Also, your comment that “Any potential for power against men is one we should optimize and exploit” …this makes me so sad. The longer it takes for certain feminists to see that men are not the enemy, the longer it will take for those unacquainted with feminism to take it seriously and to get over ideas that all feminists are “man-haters” or worse, “femi-nazis.” We shouldn’t hate men, or try to create/exploit power over them, because feminism should not be about exploiting anyone. It should be about fighting against exploitation, it should be about equality for everyone.

    I’ve seen that cartoon on other websites before, and I think it is offensive. Women like Hillary Rodham Clinton and Nancy Pelosi have broken ground for women in politics and elsewhere, simply by the merit of their accomplishments. Helen Thomas started working the White House press corps at a time when it wasn’t necessarily the most welcoming place for women. Recent comments aside, she built a legacy for herself that I think most political journalists, female or otherwise, would dream of emulating. I could go on about the rest, but I won’t. These are women who have spent their lives work trying to make this country, and the world, better for other women. I don’t care if sometimes they’re a little too busy to remember lipstick.

  4. I was thinking of being either Dennis Nedry from Jurassic Park (Newman). Or potentially something with my family.

  5. Hi Maia! Let me first thank you for writing on the subject of politics and women’s issues. I am the youth outreach coordinator for the Massachusetts Feminist Conservative League. I do beg to differ on the aim of that JOKE [Thanks, Doug].
    In addition to poking fun, which the left and right do at one another [with Bush we practically GAVE you the joke!], it is perhaps folly to associate beauty with subjection.

    The only subjection happens in their heads! If we use our natural beauty to our advantage, we take the power. While I do not endorse provocative dress, I think there can be a decent middle ground struck. To that end, our bodies empower us. I am sure you care about your image, Maia, and I would only continue to do so [within reason]. Any potential for power against men is one we should optimize and exploit. So the next time a guy takes notice of you, don’t roll your eyes-smile in satisfaction. You’ve won.

  6. Calm down its just a joke, they’re just having fun. Seriously their outnumbered OVER 9000 to one on this campus, let them have their interwebs space. Didn’t you have any midterms this week to be worried about? I know I did. Life to short to get worked up over the little things. If they planning to end women’s sufferage or ban woman from the club, I’d see your point. Otherwise their just saying conservative women are more beautiful than liberal ones (which I tend to disagree with).

    If you are offended by this:
    a. I don’t care
    b. http://cdn2.sbnation.com/imported_assets/529676/haters_gonna_hate.gif

  7. Dress up as a witch and be Christine O’Donnell if you want to be extra topical.

    (all due respect to actual wiccans)

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