A New Student Union

Tonight was a great victory for progressive activism at Brandeis University. Andrew Brooks didn’t lose because he’s a bad person. Andrew Brooks didn’t lose because he’s not popular. Andrew Brooks didn’t lose because “lies” were written about him on Innermost Parts. Andrew Brooks lost because the Brandeis community wants change. You don’t have to be an avid reader of the Justice and the Hoot to know that the Student Union was a mess this year. Tonight the Student Body placed the blame on the head of our esteemed Senator at Large, Andrew Brooks.

Of course, Andrew Brook is not entirely responsible for the mess in the Student Union. Far from it, he’s just a small part of it. The real blame belongs to every member of the Student Union. When one or two Senators or Executives causes problems, the Union should not let those problems prevent action. This year the Union needed leadership to ensure that partisanship, pettiness and play-politics would not get in the way of taking action for Students. The Union failed.

Elections have taken place, the students have spoken, and they want a change. I firmly believe that Jason Gray and Mike Kerns can and will take the Union in a new direction, and as a newly elected member of the Senate, I hope to take part in this new Union. This isn’t a matter of liberals versus conservatives; it’s a matter of people who want to take real action versus people who want to play with politics and power. Lets not get excited because Alex, Noam (whom I barely know, but I have only heard wonderful things) and I are progressives. That doesn’t really matter; I believe that conservatives can accomplish wonderful things in the Senate. No, lets get excited because Alex, Noam, and I are people who want to take action.

On another note, elections are still not over. In fact, less than half the Senate has been formed. This fall elections will take place to elect quad Senators, Senators for the class of 2012 and the TYP Senator. I doubt that tonight is the last we’ve seen of Andrew Brooks (anyone know his living plans for next year?). We need to ensure that candidates who want to take action and transcend petty politics fill these seats. With that in mind, I am announcing that I fully support Sahar Massachi, founder of Innermost Parts, for Castle Quad Senator.

I look forward to working with everyone in the new Student Union next year.


5 thoughts on “A New Student Union”

  1. I really fail to see how this is a new student union. This appears to be more of the same. Last I checked both Jason Gray and Mike Kearns were part of last year’s joke of a union. Noam was heartily endorsed by the past union president Shreeya Sinha. People like Brooks and Sulsky were clearly in the minority and not calling the shots. I don’t see how having more people who are of the same mindset as most of the people already in the union is going to change anything.

    Let’s not forget that voter turnout was only 27.53% (in the at large race) meaning that the other 72.47% really couldn’t care less. The fact that voter turnout is lower for an online election that takes 5 seconds to participate in then a real election which takes time and energy to vote in is quite sad.

    In any event I hope you guys can prove me wrong and really better Brandeis for the student body you serve.

  2. Count me in for Sahar! His work for Kaamila, Noam, Lev, and Alex has been incredible over the past few days, to say nothing of the work he has done building the most read blog on campus, a force powerful enough to move elections. It’s safe to say that if not for him, much of this night wouldn’t have been possible.

    Also, my heartiest congratulations go to you, Lev. You ran an amazing campaign, and the outcome for you was never in doubt. Even more impressive, your post shows that you truly get what is necessary to fix the broken Student Union. It is important for everyone to realize that our struggle was against inefficiency, not in support of any kind of partisanship. As long as we’re making future endorsements, may I be the first to heartily endorse Lev Hirschholm for Student Union President for the ’09-’10 academic year.

    This has the potential to be a truly amazing year for the Student Union, and we elected three great representatives tonight. More importantly, we’ve proven that we have an established mechanism in place strong enough to affect election results. Already, Innermost Parts has begun to come of age, and we will only gain influence. Our movement represents the social justice goals that serve to set Brandeis apart from other institutions, and our campus will become healthier for it.

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