A “The Justice” Rundown

In the spirit of yesterday’s “Best of the Hoot”, here’s a quick look at today’s The Justice:

Chapels are going to be renovated, financed by an anonymous gift.
– When I heard that there was going to be a review of staffing levels at the University I was excited because I know many faculty are upset at unbalanced funding levels between departments. Turns out that this review is only for administrative departments. They should expand the Office of Student Life, those guys are great.
The Justice is upset that Brandeis is bringing in Business Majors and getting rid of Posse scholars while marketing itself on liberal arts. I agree. Getting rid of Posse scholars is a big deal. Those guys are consistently among the nicest, coolest, and most fun on campus.

BranPo can apparently bust you for drugs during “fire drills”. No warrants here, folks.
– More swine flu scares.
– Brandeis has a climate action plan now. Professor Goldin likes it.
– I am worried about Justice Brandeis Semesters. This could turn out really badly.

Wow. All in all, lots of news here. They’re cutting Posse, and searching rooms without warrants. We’re renovating the Chapels and creating a Climate Action Plan. Plus more.






One response to “A “The Justice” Rundown”

  1. Awesome. I had a bad feeling about the unannounced room searches, but I didn’t know it was that bad.