An Introduction

Hello Innermost Parts readers,

As you might see, I’m new around here. My name is Jesse Vasquez and I am a new member of the Innermost Parts community.

So why would an inner-city New York kid, a self-described mutt of Peurto Rican, British, Dutch and Indonesian decent, want to join the Brandeis activist community and become a part of To be honest, I don’t entirely know. But then again, I have no idea what major I want to choose or what my favorite cheese is either. Ok, well, regardless of that fact, I know that I want to see more change in the Brandeis community and that Innermost Parts is the best way to get my voice out and be a voice for the rest of the community.

As a Racial Minority and Posse Scholar at Brandeis, I identify with a different type of people then the average Brandeis student. I hope to bring a few good things to the table of Innermost Parts, such as a new view and voice and I also look forward to doing something that has been quite lacking in recent years. That is, bringing the activist community to the Student Union. I am fortunate enough to know some great people on the Student Union, and I am also fortunate enough to know some great activists on campus and members of the Innermost Parts community. I know both the Student Union and the activist network are a determined, dedicated and generally passionate group of people and when they come together I do not doubt that great things can happen at Brandeis for the people here and everywhere around the world.

As a new member, I anticipate bringing people together, causing a little controversy and generally trying to help out Innermost Parts as much as I can. Oh, also, I plan on writing quite a bit about racial and religious issues at Brandeis.