Andy Hogan appointed Director of Community Advocacy

The following is a press release sent out by the Student Union e-board.

Union President Appoints Andy Hogan as Director of Community Advocacy*

Sophomore Andy Hogan will be joining the Student Union Executive Board immediately as Director of Community Advocacy.

On Sunday night, Union President Jason Gray nominated second-year student and then North Quad Senator Andy Hogan to join the Executive Board as Director of Community Advocacy. Andy accepted the nomination, and was confirmed unanimously by the Senate. “I’m really excited to join the Eboard and to take on this new role. I expect to pursue an ambitious agenda this semester beginning with the church reconstruction effort. I also plan to work on issues such as cell phone reception, housing options, and many others related to the quality of life on campus.”

Upon confirmation, Andy effectively resigned as North Quad Senator. There will be a special election for North Quad Senator once the current round of elections are complete. Union Secretary Tia Chaterjee will release a timeline for this election.

As Director of Community Advocacy, Andy will oversee advocacy related to campus life issues and projects related to community building. Specifically and immediately, Andy will oversee our response to the church burning in Springfield, MA and our forthcoming Community Service initiative. A full description of the duties of the position and the application process may be downloaded here:

The Union President fielded applications from several well-qualified students. Andy was chosen because of his dedication, leadership role in the Senate, and ability to make an immediate impact on the Eboard. His leadership on the church fundraising initiative is a prime example of Andy’s commitment to community responses, and he will continue to lead this initiative in his new role.

“I’m very excited to have Andy with us moving forward. I have no doubt that he will be a great advocate for the Brandeis student community and the Union,” says President Jason Gray.

For more information, contact James Ansorge, the Union’s Director of Communications, at

By Church Fundraising they mean this –


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  1. Andy Hogan is a very respectable member of the Union as well as the student voice in general. He has worked tirelessly for students here as well as to raise money for the church burned down in Springfield. Not many people put as much heart into the job as he does, so he very far from being a schmuck

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