Arc Bark?

The Activist Resource Center (ARC) has a blog. It has been updated for the first time this semester, two days in a row! Are we seeing the revival ARC’s online presence? It seems that their calendar has been updated just a bit more than usual..

Then again, I’m told the sparse calendar is the fault of club leaders, not ARC, so make of it what you will.


2 thoughts on “Arc Bark?”

  1. Ari, I know how it is. I’m not criticizing, just applauding your recent efforts, and saying “please keep up the good work!”

    As for the calendar – you might just want to set up a public, embeddable google calendar.

  2. ARC’s blog has been my responsibility, and it’s mostly fallen by the wayside for a few reasons. 1) I’m writing a thesis, and haven’t much thought about it. That’s really inexcusable. 2) Most of the time, we communicate with liaisons via e-mail, so a blog often seems redundant. 3) No real sense that people read it anyway, so there’s not a lot of incentive. I just have to keep pressing onward!

    Also, with regard to the calendar: we’ve been trying to remind people, but people don’t post stuff.

    One other note: to update the calendar, you must be in IE, not Firefox — though I much prefer the latter.

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