ARC fark?

What’s up with the Activist Resource Center?

I know they do good things (Sundays at 8pm in the Castle Commons), but their website, calendar, and blog seem to be abandoned. That kinda sucks.


3 thoughts on “ARC fark?”

  1. Yeah I appreciate problem. We do get emails from ARC people every week telling about the events that will happen later in the week. Can you at least post those in the ARC blog? I dunno, it seems that if the component groups of ARC don’t want to cooperate there’s not much you can do.

  2. I’m responsible for maintaining the ARC website. I still update the orgs page with new groups, but groups haven’t been posting their events to the calendar. Most Brandeis students aren’t very technically inclined, so it’s hard to get club leaders to do those kinds of things.

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