Badly-advertised, critical events

So apparently yesterday there was a both a “State of Student Finance Address” and “Has the sun set on your rights” discussion.

I wouldn’t have known about the former except that my roommate was specially invited, and I didn’t hear about the latter until I was invited to it on facebook, about an hour before it started.

For ‘serious’, Student-Union run events, I’d expect there to be more advance warning / publicity. Or have I been living under a hole for the past few days?


One thought on “Badly-advertised, critical events”

  1. Completely true. Student Union events are badly publicized, especially when the zealously political people like us don’t even know about them! Maybe this is because students feel so removed from the Union, know little about what’s going on, and given its track record, don’t see any reason to think its discussions or speeches will lead to anything…

    Another reason we need more activists who will make the student union start doing exciting, interesting, and important work… hint hint hint vote Lev and I in.

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