Bends Toward Justice

Good news, everyone:

Hello Everyone!

Whereas many people within the activist community at Brandeis have expressed frustration and discomfort with the lack of collaboration, organization and cooperation between activist groups on campus

Whereas activism can only grow to be more effective and inclusive in an environment that fosters the sharing of skills and resources

Whereas many activist efforts could use a place to store, share and meet in a constructive manner

I have proposed to Jason Gray (Student Union President) the establishment of a physical space tentatively called the Activist Resource Center to serve and support the activist community.

If you are interested in discussing this possibility, if you want to have a say in what a place such as the one proposed would look like or do, OR if you think this is an unecessary effort and would like to discuss why, you are invited to a meeting with Jason and I and anyone else who shows up to begin this process. I have been in countless conversations over the last few years about how to better support the activist community, and I think this is a very possible solution towards building better connections between our groups. I am not aware of other efforts to create a similar space, so I apologize if I am stepping on anyone’s toes. Please reply to this email and let me know which meeting time (Wednesday September 17th at 7pm or Thursday September 18th at 7pm) is better for you. Whichever date gets the most replies will be the time of the meeting and I will send out another email.

PLEASE forward this to anyone you think should be involved because I did not send this to every club! Thank you so much.


Etta King

Etta can be reached this way.


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