Better Know a Brandeis Club – The Brandeis Labor Coalition

You’ve heard of Colbert’s better know a District – well it’s time for Better Know a Brandeis Club.

Today’s club is the Brandeis Labor Coaliton – The Fightin’ Labor Coalition! In their own words:

The purpose of the Brandeis Labor Coalition (BLC) is to ensure fair labor practices at Brandeis and to promote fair labor practices around the world.  We have/had active campaigns concerning the availability of fair trade products on campus, promoting sweatshop free merchandise, CORI reform, and of course the job security and well being of campus dining service and facilities workers.

One of BLC’s major concerns about Brandeis is that the custodial and dining staff who makes such a difference in our lives go virtually unnoticed by many students on campus. They work much harder than many people realize – for instance, there are only two custodians to clean all of East quad – and many people will graduate never even knowing the names of the people who keep their living area clean and enjoyable. With this in mind, the Brandeis Labor Coalition will be organizing a Worker Café for all custodians and facilities workers at the end of October. At the Worker Café BLC will provide refreshments (coffee and pastries) and we’ll work to create a dialogue between students and campus workers. It will also be a great opportunity to practice Spanish language skills. Stay tuned for more details!

Also, to accomplish the same end, BLC is currently working on a Worker Bio project to help the students who live in dorms to be more aware of the workers around them. Look out for those in Freshman dorms in the coming months!

The Brandeis Labor Coalition meets Tuesday nights at 8pm in Pearlman Room 202 (Walk in the door closer to Brown, turn right, and voila!)

For any questions, comments or anything else – contact:

Clair Weatherby


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  1. Sometimes it seems like Facilities workers are the only real people on campus. I’ve recently had occasion to interact with some of the carpentry staff and some of the Usdan custodial workers – what a joy to talk to some of these guys!

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