Blago can’t touch this

The buzz in Washington? Scandal! Unaccountable expenditures of vast amounts of money! Inspired appointments to executive positions!

The buzz on campus? Ethics! Overseeing* vast amounts of endowment money. Inspired appointments to a Student Union Committee.

I’m speaking, of course, about the Committee on Endowment Ethics and Responsibility. The results are in the the appointees:

Chair: Union Vice-President Adam T. Hughes
Other Members: Alex Melman, Carly Greenberg, Daniel Millenson, Liza Behrendt, Nery Joubert-Rivera, Sahar Massachi, Stefan Nikolic, and Toni Schwarzenbach.

The mission of CEER will be to advice the Board of Trustees on how to best utilize its financial resources to serve the call for Social Justice enshrined in the very bedrock of this University, and to make sure that all action is of maximum effectiveness. So far it seems that, in practical terms, CEER will try to promote ethical proxy voting, investing in promising options, steering clear of other options, and targeted divestment, all with a healthy media/comm. strategy to leverage the impact of any such move.

Word on the street is that the committee features both graduate and undergraduate students. Anyone know the truth in that?

update: Carrie nails it 6 minutes after posting – Toni Schwarzenbach and Nery Joubert-Rivera are grad students.

*albeit, in a very limited way


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