Boston Globe Reports on Struggle for Input

The flurry of attention Brandeis has recieved in the last few days has allowed major newspapers to report on the main issue, the lack of student input in the decision making process here at the University.

The Boston Globe today has an article today entitled “Crisis Raises Questions on Brandeis Campus.”

The article quotes Professor Andreas Teuber, who says, “There was a ripple throughout the entire faculty of feeling hoodwinked.”

The article also quotes Carrie Mills and Alex Melman, editor & writer for and both leaders in the Brandeis Budget Cuts Coalition. Carrie says, “We were left in the dark. We certainly feel marginalized as a whole. It feels like there’s a brick wall between us and the administration, and nothing is getting through.”

Alex says, “To close the Rose is a terrible loss to the university, and to auction off its collection as a cost-saving measure is tragic.”

Now that major media is covering the issue, now is the time for students to make a stand and demand input on all major financial decisions. We are clearly making progress, but we must continue to fight for our voice.