Boston Globe Reports on the Brooks/Shuster Controversy

This is not a joke… really.

Brandeis Students At Odds Over Israel

Yes, that’s right, our tiny little campus scandal has turned into a major scandal! Soon CNN analysts will be discussing how the UJ will rule, and how the result will affect the world.

I find it pretty silly that the Globe is touching this. It’s such a silly problem here at Brandeis, it’s even less of an issue for the rest of the Boston area.

Either way, has now been mentioned in a major media publication. Awesome.


One thought on “Boston Globe Reports on the Brooks/Shuster Controversy”

  1. If only they would have written in my quote:

    “The fact that the Happy Birthday Israel resolution was not passed by the senate had only to do with students hating the people who sponsored the resolution. If anyone else had sponsored it and brought it to the Senate, it would have easily passed.”

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