Brandeis going all-Wifi in 2 years

ComputerWorld does a piece on Brandeis’ WiFi setup: Did you know that in 2011 they’ll get rid of ethernet in dorms, and we’ll move to an all-WiFi campus? I work at the Unet Helpdesk currently, and speaking from experience and talking to other LTS staffmembers, the impression is that this year’s freshman class uses their ethernet significantly less often than previous ones.






3 responses to “Brandeis going all-Wifi in 2 years”

  1. […] like to take this opportunity to proudly point out that we reported this all-wifi plan back in September 2009. Our campus technology infrastructure is uncommonly good and the LTS staff […]

  2. Art

    well, phil, its not like the current dorms with ethernet are going anywhere-probably these’ll remain for phones, and will likely still remain wired for data. i don’t see a huge reason to disconnect them. this mandate probably more applies to renovations of dorms

  3. Interesting. Of course, we will all die from the radio waves. JK.
    I suppose that means they’ll be phasing out the IP phones as well…