…according to one of my professors; this is a disgrace. Meanwhile the IMES department has just 2 full-time faculty members.

That just doesn’t seem right. How can Brandeis trumpet the memory of the takeover of Ford hall when, almost 40 years later,  our faculty remains overwhelmingly, embarrassingly pale?

4 comments on “Brandeis has only 7 black professors”

  1. Alex N Says:

    So you are advocating race as the primary qualifier for professorships?

  2. Sahar Says:

    Obviously not. Rather, race, like religion, ethnicity, class, brings a new perspective etc, to the student body. For a university that puts a premium on diversity, we’re pretty homogeneous.

  3. Alex N Says:

    So…how are you proposing to bring black professors to our fair (skinned) campus?

  4. Sahar Says:

    Hire them?