Brandeis is not a Democracy – Part II

Brandeis is not a Democracy.

We don’t get a vote – but sometimes we get a voice. This is one of those times. Jean Eddy and Marty Krauss are about as senior administration as you can get (and not be President). They’re leaving soon. The student union is going to appoint representatives to speak on behalf all students regarding our thoughts on their replacements. Those representatives could be concerned only with lining their resumes and schmoozing with the administration – or one of those representatives could be you.

Apply to represent the student body for the search committee. Someone will represent the student body – and it’ll either be one of us or one of them.

As you may know, Senior Vice President for Students and Enrollment Jean C. Eddy and Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Marty W. Krauss will step down from their current position. Both Jean Eddy and Marty Krauss have made great contributions to this institution, and we sincerely appreciate their efforts.


The search process for the two positions will begin in the near future. As such, the ad-hoc Administration Structure Advisory Committee will evaluate the administrative structure and duties.

A Student Advisory Committee will be formed to (1) research student opinion on the administrative structure, (2) present student opinion to the Administration Structure Advisory Committee and President-elect Fredrick Lawrence, and (3) participate in the search process for the two administrative positions.

Furthermore, there is another opportunity to serve on the search committee for a new Director of the Rose Art Museum.

APPLY to be a member of one of these committees: DEADLINE SATURDAY, SEP. 25 (5 PM). Strong applicants will be invited for interviews with me, Marla Merchut ( Director of Academic Affairs), Ryan Fanning (Director of Executive Affairs), and Herbie Rosen (Secretary).

You will be expected to commit a significant amount of time to these meetings and discussions, as recommendations made by these committees will impact the future of our university.

Please note that I will be working with the administration for more avenues of communication regarding these issues. Your voice is important to this community, so take the time to apply.

President-elect Fred Lawrence, as cool as he seems, wasn’t elected by students. He was elected by the Board of Trustees – old rich people. To the extent that we get a voice – we gotta seize it.


2 thoughts on “Brandeis is not a Democracy – Part II”

  1. I am very disappointed that you refer to them as “old rich people.” You seem to use this as a negative connotation when in fact, I bet you don’t know too many of them. I don’t mean to sound rude but this really disappointed me. Also, remember that the board of Trustees preceded us as students, and keep the university both in good times and in bad times.

  2. See, things here aren’t so bad. Regarding the office of president, I again submit the following-do GM employees choose their Board?

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