Brandeis: so NOT the most vegan friendly

 You know how we keep getting e-mails from the Student Union telling us to vote Brandeis as the Most Vegan Friendly College?

We're in the Top 8 Round for the Most Vegan Friendly Competition! So Vote here:

Voting ends Monday, so get us into the final four!
Why IS that? It's not like a competition where you're CAMPAIGNING for something, it literally is asking us to pretend that Brandeis is vegan friendly.
Vegan friendly? For real? We do NOT have that many food choices to begin with, nor hours during which dining locations are open, and what we DO have, the ingredients of are not usually readily-accesible.
I have had to order in or eat out food when I'm eating with my gluten-free, lactose intolerant and vegan and vegitarian friends too often for me to think that Brandeis is vegan free.
So instead of voting us a title simply so we can have a title (would you vote for us most anti-semitic school if it meant we got an award?), why don't you vote based on how you feel, and let Aramark deal with the consequences.
Since I'm assuming most of you feel the way I do, that we're NOT vegan friendly, maybe that'll give the school some motivation to make us MORE vegan friendly. It's worth a try!






One response to “Brandeis: so NOT the most vegan friendly”

  1. Anonymous

    I have to say I know nothing about the competition, but this post makes Brandeis students sound like spoiled brats. I understand that it is difficult to be vegan on a university meal plan. It is frustrating to not know what's in your food in a cafeteria. But really, have you ever been to other schools? How about state schools? How about universities in other countries? Brandeis has it good.
    I'm not saying that because we're in a relatively good position we shouldn't act for positive change. But do you really think that not voting for this award will have any "consequences" for Aramark to deal with? Do you really think that by complaining about how you "have to" order in or eat out you're somehow sticking it to the man? Don't fool yourself.