Brandeis Takes Stalking to a Whole New Level

…with Shadowing!

Ba dum dum shhhh, as my friend Roneil would say.

This Shadowing program has gotten some good reviews in the past.

Basically, you fill out a few questions (the line of work you’re interested in, which major cities you will be near over winter break, what you hope to gain from a shadowing experience), and Brandeis matches you up with an alum who meets those requirements. Then, you follow the person around hir place of work for a day, talk with hir about hir job, and la dee da!

I think it’s a good initiative and a good way to use our alumni. Although I have not participated in the past, I filled out the (short!) questionnaire so hopefully will get assigned a buddy this year.

One complaint: Writing/English/Comedy/Entertainment— none of those are listed as categories.

The closest I got was “Fine and Performing Arts,” “Media (Broadcast, Print, Digital),” “Publishing” and “Other.” However, if I want to be a novelist or comedy writer, I do not think any of these would really fit the bill.

Why are the creative arts ignored, lumped under one vague heading that doesn’t even encompass all of them, while education gets three SEPARATE categories? Is this indicative of Brandeis’ foci?

*Most intriguing option: “Food and Beverage.” As a line of work separate from marketing, management and hospitality…what does this mean?