Budget Cut News Roundup

Merit Based scholarships to be cut, but not need-based.

4 professors laid off.

11 of 15 11 searches for new faculty canceled. update – This is a bit confusing. I think I got it right this time.

No academic cuts yet.

Athletics is the largest portion of the budget right now.

USEMs now optional

Language classes have max students per class pushed to 25 from 18.

“both Political Theory offerings for the 08-09 year [will be] taught by Timothy McCarty, a Politics Department graduate student.”

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6 thoughts on “Budget Cut News Roundup”

  1. tim mccarty is one of the best professors at this school hands down. my usem was the worst class i have taken at this school, good riddance. athletics has taken a HUGE budget cut, and furthermore our school neglects its athletics teams more than any other school I know. only at brandeis could the pool be allowed to break. it is completely the administrations fault that we no longer have a pool. scholarships are being cut, but they are also the number one financial concern of this school at this time, as Brandeis needs to continue to attract a talented class to remain competitive.

  2. Tim McCarty is the man. I would take him over any politics professor at Brandeis any day. He got me to really think critically about concepts in political science, and I had a great time doing it. Nice to see we gained something out of the budget cuts!

  3. The sociology department also has at least one class taught by a grad student, Alison Better, and it seems to be the most popular soc class–capped at twenty and full before 1:30 on the first day of registration. She’s got that special award thing; is that true for the other grad students?

  4. sounds pretty serious…too bad about the merit scholarships, which are great recruitment tools. I wonder if they’re totally cut, or just reduced in number of recipients or amount of money? I remember when applying to colleges that Brandeis was one of the few schools that offered merit-based scholarships, and I hope that that doesn’t go away completely.

    i do think it’s kind of crazy to have athletics as the largest portion of the budget at a school like Brandeis though…but maybe that’s just because i’m a non-athlete. hopefully we’ll at least get the pool fixed with that big budget, i’m sure that’s a real turn-off for prospectives.

    also, i’d be upset having a class taught by a grad student, but I had tim mccarty as my TA once and he’s pretty much the shit. just saying, if any grad student deserves to teach, its probably him.

  5. Now I know that it does not look good that a Grad Student is teaching a class but I had Tim as a TA in American Government and he tought me more about material/writing for a politics than any professor could. He’s an awesome guy, and I think that if any grad student were to teach a class, it should be him.

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