Cage-Free Eggs. Here. We won.

We’ve known for a while, but we were sworn to secrecy.

Now we can finally tell you – Cage Free Eggs are coming.
All food on campus will use solely cage-free eggs starting next school year.
The added cost of a meal plan will be 8 dollars per semester.

We’re throwing a party with the Real Food Campaign on Dec 2 to celebrate.

There’ll first be a soiree with (real) Food, where people will brainstorm plans for the Real Food Campaign next semester. Then afterparty (location tbd).

High-Five! We did it!

This is the email I just sent out:

Cage-free eggs are coming to campus!

Beginning next school year, all our food will be made with cage-free eggs. Are you as excited as I am?

Thank you for your help in making this happen, and thanks our partners at the Real Food Campaign for their hard work, persistence, and organizing.

The Real Food Campaign dormstormed, fliered, met with Aramark, wrote op-eds, worked with off-campus organizations, lobbied the Student Union, and organized in other ways to make this happen.

We stepped up too – in a stunning vote of 89.1% to 10.9%, we voted for cage-free eggs to be solely used in preparing our food. 877 Brandeis students voted – that’s a higher participation rate than any union survey I can remember in my time at Brandeis.

Next step: Party.

Real Food and The Justice League are cosponsoring a party to celebrate! Click here for more details:

Thanks for all that you do.
– Sahar Massachi and the rest of the Brandeis Justice League.


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