Campus is full of famous people

Welcome to another edition of “Brandeis people in the news.”

On the same week that Brandeis Professor Peniel Joseph is on PBS Newshour, talking about historic role of the vice-presidency (and pointing out that Al Gore was the best VP ever) , we have Brandeis rising sophomore Nathan J. Robinson writing in the Huffington Post: “What it’s like to watch FOX News for 24 Straight Hours”.

Just out of his freshman year of college, and already writing for the HuffPost? Kudos. Kudos to both.

My favorite bits?

As I slowly rouse myself, the first words I hear are of a Blonde FOX Lady saying this:

“It’s hard to talk about climate change without talking about compact fluorescent lightbulbs, soon to be forced on you by the government. But could they KILL you?”

It was not shaping up to be a good day.

The worst thing about FOX is not its bias, but the “panic mode” that it seems to live in. Everything is a catastrophe. Immigrants will get you. Lightbulbs will get you. Wildfires will get you. Jesse Jackson will cut your nuts off.


Update –

Congrats to David Pepose on writing an article that made it to the front page of the New York Sun.