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  • Do Employers (and Brandeis) Realize How Extended Holidays Impact Hourly Workers?

    The VP of HR at Brandeis sent out an e-mail Monday to Brandeis Staff saying that President Lawrence has decided to close offices on Thursday and Friday for July 4th, giving workers "an extended weekend for relaxation and enjoyment with family and friends." (E-mail printed below) While I appreciate the good will behind this move, and I […]

  • Wisdom Tip #1

    I learned this lesson today. When you read an e-mail and feel really angry about it… Vent about it to people who are not involved in the situation Try to figure out why you feel angry; what in it provoked you so After many deep breaths and giving yourself time to cool off, re-read the e-mail and […]

  • Notes from a Tired Brandeis Activist Upon Hir Last Day of School

    Hey guys, I've spent the past 7 semesters doing activism at Brandeis. Even while abroad studying comedy in Chicago, I did activism at Brandeis. In fact, I was more active from afar because it felt more manageable. And that's what I want to write about now: managing it. Because trying to change Brandeis, Waltham, Massachusetts, the Northeast, […]