Liveblogging Watching the New York State of the State

Currently watching the 2013 New York State of the State, which took place January 9, 2013. Here are some key moments and ideas:

  • Minute 12-17:15 Rabbi Linda Henry Goodman makes an introductory speech and blessing. She was installed in March of 2012 as President of the New York Board of Rabbis and is the first woman in the 131-year-history of the organization to hold this position. Rabbi Goodman supports women’s reproductive rights and health care, and advocated for marriage equality in New York State, and key line in her speech "Women are still not equal"

State of the Union- Dec 11, 2012

Pre-SOTU Intimate Group Conversation with Todd

  • RPF's being sent to other food providers- product of Strategic Planning Review, new administration open to new things
  • Strategic Plan- enough student involvement?
    • Planning Steering Committee, 26 people (incl. 2 grad students, 2 undergrads), meets once a month
    • Core Committee- 6-7 people (incl. 2 grads, 2 undergrads?)


  • Student Accomplishments
    • BADASS rankings
    • Men and Women's soccer wins
    • Course Evaluation Guide student editors, whoot
    • Carlton's Secretary e-mails (Todd knows how hard it is)
    • Campus support services who helped people in wake of suicide at the beginning of the semester
  • Union achievements
    • Usdan Bulleting Board
    • Senate Meet and Greet
    • Outreach
    • Hurricane Sandy bracelet sales
    • Turkey shuttles
    • Midnight buffet TMRW (first time actually occuring at midnight)
    • DeisLaunch Pad SU radio show
    • Extended study spaces
    • SU Dining Services Committee (new this year…used to be University committee?
    • Treasurer Clements says this is the "most efficient Treasury ever" and that all forms have 24 hour turnover rate
      • improved communication between Treasury and FBoard. Shoutout to Nathan Israel (whoot Nathan)
    • DeisImpact happening in spring- 37 events
    • This feels like Parks and Rec-local news
  • SU Future Steps
    • Will look into puppy rub (sp?) event for next semester- puppies to relieve stress during finals
    • Take better care of off-campus students (this year has most numbers students living off-campus)
    • Fix SU election by phasing out of BigPulse and creating new guidelines for next semester
    • Looking into "Deis Day" to express Bdeis pride- formal recognition ceremonies and pot. a parade
    • Do more to promote Chums and Stein so don't need to rely on coffeehouses
    • Brandeis will be looking into new dining services providers
      • Last renovations to dining buildings occurred in 1998
      • Kirkland will be meeting biweekly with Dining Services admins to work to better hours, variety of food
    • Collaborating with Graduate Student Union (40% of Brandeis student pop is graduate students)
  • Other things Brandeis should be proud of
    • 97% (check?) Brandeis fauclty have highest degrees in their fields
    • FML first Brandeis pres. to reside full-time in Waltham


  • Did Justice articles impact Kirkland's speech? (off-campus students, stein/chums usage)
  • Treasury how do you measure efficiency?
  • SU looking to limit number of clubs being chartered?
    • Want to make clubs coordinate more, have hierarcy so under one umbrella group
    • "Providing resources" vs. "making sure they become more effective"
      • Club Support committee has to juggle roles of helping clubs and limiting clubs re money
    • No "concrete ideas" right now about restructuring. Treasury and FBoard involved
  • Student Involvement in…Everything?
    • Students don't feel physical attendance is necc. because of social media — shift