“Clean Coal” info event – hosted by SEA


SEA is hosting a panel discussion about the pros and cons about the future of CLEAN COAL — a major energy buzzword this political season. Want to learn more about this hot topic? Then please come out to:

Clean Coal: Solution to the Energy Crisis?
Wednesday, March 5th, 5pm
Geller Conference Room, Upper Sherman

World coal consumption is about 6.2 billion tons annually. Ninety percent of America’s electricity comes from coal. “Clean coal” is on the tip of every politician’s tongues– does the answer to our climate change crisis lie in this new technology? What could make burning coal “clean,” and is this an appropriate solution?

Come hear and participate in a discussion between Michael Brune, Director of the Rainforest Action Network, and Adam Zemel, Analyst at the Breakthrough Institute (and Brandeis student) about the future of clean coal.

Need some context? Check out:
or http://thebreakthrough.org/blog/adam-zemel/

Hope to see you there!