Come Rebuild In Mississippi

Hi, Sahar here.  Serby is a new contributor to IP. Please give him a warm welcome

Do you remember Hurricane Katrina? Remember the images on TV and in the newspapers, of people stranded on floating rooftops? Remember hearing reports about the awful things that were happening in the Superdome? Remember how the government, rather than supplying the basic necessities to these people – food and water – gave them Bibles? Remember how untold thousands of people could not return to their homes? Did you know that they still have not returned to their homes? Remember the criminal negligence of a government that would not invest in the infrastructure of a city, but would spill billions on a war no one wanted? Remember that this is still going on? Remember how Katrina exposed all the cracks in our society – the deepest being the hidden truth that if you are poor and black, you don’t matter to those who are in power? Remember the corruption and mismanagement of the housing and services for the hurricane refugees? Remember your feelings of powerlessness as you watched an entire city disappear before your eyes? Remember wishing that there was something you could do to help? America is waiting to be America again. Who is going to save it? Certainly not this government. It’s up to the citizens, the willing, the idealists, the young. Whether or not you decide to come with DFA to Mississippi this April (the 22nd to the 27th), I strongly encourage you to find some time to go down there and help rebuild soon. We all share the responsibility for the restoration of the well-being of our nation. Let’s make it happen.