Contacting Congress Has Never Been Easier!

Now with Facebook!

I found something marvelous today: The Voices Facebook Application

Fill out your name, address, and zipcode, and a message of your choice (pertaining to the issue page you’re using) and you send an email to your congressman and both Senators.

I’m adding it to our links. There is no excuse not to contact congress when you can do it in 50 seconds, or even less, through facebook.

That’s the same time it takes to refresh your secret crush’s profile and decide that you shouldn’t write on her/his wall just yet.
That’s the same time it takes to update your “Compare people” page, or to invite 10 of your friends with a “hotness request”.

As an example, here’s what I wrote to my Congressman, Randy Kuhl, and to Senators Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer.

I have heard a lot about the proposed move by the FCC to remove even more media ownership rules by allowing the same firm to own both print and broadcast media in the same market. This is unacceptable. With the corruption and laziness and non-competitiveness of the media today, we should be limiting media monopolies, not making stronger ones. Please stop the FCC in its mad push to gut our media ownership laws.

Thank you,
a constituent.

Do I worry that I’m too general and don’t refer to a bill? Usually, I would. With Facebook Voices application, I don’t have to! The “action page” that I was using automatically inserted the relevant information in the email.

It’s that easy. Try it yourself: