Cool green program at IBS

I just happened upon this using my handy dandy google news-about-brandeis generator:

the Brandeis International Business School is rolling out a new MBA program centered around social and environmental responsibility in business.

The program is built on principles espoused by Justice Louis Brandeis a century ago. Brandeis advocated that businesses address broader social purposes beyond profits. The new MBA in Socially Responsible Business allows students to incorporate into their business study issues such as economic and social development, corporate governance, and environmental policy. They will do this in a uniquely global setting, with fellow students from over 60 countries and a curriculum rooted in international economics, finance, and business.

Social and environmental challenges do not stop at national borders and solutions rely on international cooperation, said Bruce R. Magid, dean of Brandeis International Business School. Our students will explore how businesses can differentiate themselves as they address pressing issues such as global warming and the development of clean technologies.

The MBA in Socially Responsible Business will be tightly integrated with existing core courses. Requirements will include specialized courses on corporations and communities, corporations and the environment, and a seminar exploring what “green” means in different contexts. In addition, students will complete a field project using financial and business tools they learned in core MBA courses. The program is being introduced this fall with a course entitled Business and the Environment as well as through a series of related presentations and panels.

This is a really great addition to a part of the campus I previously paid attention to primarily as an entrance-way to Sachar Woods bonfires.

Now if only our University would place more than 1% of its funds in Socially Responsible Investments, perhaps we’d really be living up to the principles espoused by our namesake.