Countdown ’till the primary: 7 days

The Massachusetts Presidential Primary will be in 7 days.
You can vote at Gosman gym, if you’re registered.

Today’s news: Edwards drops out. Here’s his classy concession speech:link

Well, that tears it. I was leaning Edwards, but with only 2 candidates in the race, I’m jumping on the Obama train.

Inspiring point:

Never before in the history of the United States of America have the voters and delegates of a major political party had to choose their nominee for President from a field that did not include a white male.

We may or may not win this election, but in the greater social and cultural conflict fought out in this country for the last 50 years, we have won. Democrats liked all our candidates when John Edwards was still running for President, and we still like our candidates now that we no longer have a white male to choose. We are not threatened by having to chose between a woman and a man of color. We not only accept this as our current American reality, we embrace it as our future. WE are the party of tolerance. WE are the party of diversity. WE are the party of solidarity. And WE are the party of change.

Here are two favorable post-mortems on the Edwards campaign. Long story short – he forced Clinton and Obama to veer to the left on issues such as healthcare and the environment.


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  1. Fortunately, I already voted for Edwards before he dropped out (which was just a few hours later). If I had to choose between the two front-runners, I would rather have not voted at all. Why, may I ask, did you jump on the Obama train?

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