Course Evaluations are due soon..

So it’s that time of year. The Provost’s office wants us to fill out our course evaluations, and will bribe us with the prospect of prizes if we do so.

Online course evaluations are underway and only 27% of students have completed all of their course evaluations. Last semester 70% of students completed all of their evaluations and we would really like to beat that this semester.

Please help us make that possible by logging onto Sage ( and completing your evaluations before they close on May 1st at 9:00 a.m. — this Friday! (This deadline cannot be extended.)

As an added incentive, prizes will once again be raffled off to students who complete all of their evaluations. Raffle prizes include the following:
* $15.00 iTunes gift card (3 available)
* $25.00 Barnes and Noble gift card (6 available)
* iPod Shuffle, 4GB (1 available)
* iPod Touch,16GB 2nd generation (1 available)

You’re not eligible to win until you complete all of your course evaluations.

It’s a good cause and gets you free stuff (possibly) so why not?