Dear all you Ron Paul fans out there

He just donated money to the Republican party. He’s not a hero, ok?


7 thoughts on “Dear all you Ron Paul fans out there”

  1. JP – I understand your point of view, but I still feel that it was very hypocritical of the congressman to start giving funds to the NRCC on the same year he has started a high profile campaign criticizing it. Because that money is going to support bigoted right-wingers like Virgil Goode. So on one hand he’s viciously criticizes the McCain warmongering wing of the party, but on the other hand he supports it.

  2. It doesnt say anything about the amount of the check nor the origination of the funds. It would be unwise to assume it’s huge and came from his campaign account (would that even be legal?). There are numerous Ron Paul Republicans working to win House seats as Republicans. I don’t see this as a big deal, he’s still a Republican. Albeit one of the only true ones left…

  3. I think I’m much smarter than you think, too.

    I’m smart enough to write coherent sentences without all-caps. I’m smart enough to understand that Ron Paul’s brand of economic libertarianism is antithetical to the New Deal policies that brought back this country from the brink.

    I know about the enormous online organizing activity made around him. I believe that the beliefs of these people are wrongheaded – Chris Dodd supported the constitution as much or more than Ron Paul ever did.

    There’s nothing unconstitutional about the IRS, Department of Education, etc.

    Lastly, the Republican party is every sort of corrupt. You could make the case that Ron Paul aims to reform the party from within. He’s doing a very bad job of it, however. He’s donating straight to the NRCC, an organ controlled by party apparachniks. If he really wanted to reform the party, he’d take his funds and invest them in like-minded challengers and candidates. All he’s doing right now is enabling he Bush-Cheney doctrine he railed against. Hypocrite.

    Ron Paul is the opposite of a radical figure. He’s a reactionary; a very paleo-conservative person. As soon as people understand that the better.

  4. Another non-supporter that just doesn’t ‘get it’. It is beside the point. RP is ALMOST beside the point. The point is whether we are going to be the America we were meant to be, CONSTITUTIONAL, or not. There is so much activity in this regard that Ron Paul has nothing to do with, may not even know anything about, because he was the ‘pebble’ that got the avalanche going. You’re still stuck in the American Idol mentality that means the ‘star of the show’ is everything. Besides, if this is the worst he’s done, well, BIG DEAL. The outright traitors that are running for President now have committed such crimes that they ought to be in prison, not running for President. The people want their country back no matter who is president. Ron Paul is sticking with the Republican Party, not the traitors in it. RP people are sticking with the party, certainly not the traitors in it. It would be unwise to abandon the party now, no matter who’s exercising their influence. If this strategy doesn’t work, ALL BETS ARE OFF. I think he’s MUCH smarter than you give him credit for, and I think his followers are too. This pablum that any one fact or feeling is only as important as any other fact or feeling is nonsense. There are hierarchies of importance and those are all in place.

  5. Well I’d refer you to Bret here. Ron Paul has consistently attacked the modern Republican party this whole election cycle as antithetical to his platform, and now, for the first time in his congressional career, he decides that this modern party is the one he’ll start donating to.

    Also, this is directed more towards the Ron Paul fans out there than the candidate himself. Look, he sounds cool when he blasts American imperialism, neo-colonialism, etc. But if you did deeper, you’ll realize that he wants to take us back to the same laissez-faire conditions that brought on the Great Depression. And he’s not some shining virtuous hero, either. He just started donating to the Party of Bush, Cheney, McCain, Virgil Goode, Ted Stevens, Jim Imhofe, etc.

    P.S. It seems whenever I mention someone like Mike Gravel or Ron Paul, a bunch of random people from somewhere like Las Vegas or Virginia will come and insult everyone they comes across. I have no problem with non-Brandeis people commenting here, far from it. I do have a problem with ad-hominem attacks on the community, the other authors, or myself. That will not be tolerated.

  6. Umm…what’s so unusual about a Republican nominee making a donation to the Republican Party? You must be pretty bored….

  7. Not just any Republican party. The Republican party that Ron Paul has accused of abandoning conservative principals.

    But in the end, he decides to stick with that party anyway. Congressman Paul, you can take your revolution and shove it. You know where. You’re no better than any other politician out there.

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