Disruptive Innovation for Social Change

The Brandeis Computer Science Department is trying out a lot of new things and going through a lot of positive change lately. One innovation: a Masters program in IT and Entrepreneurship. A capstone class for the Masters brings in great speakers and invites the whole Brandeis community to come listen in.

The first speaker comes tomorrow, and they really want all sorts of Brandeis students to show up. Here it is:

Disruptive Innovation for Social Change

Tom Sadtler, Vice President Marketing, CA Services
When: Tuesday Sept 15, 5:00-6:30
Where: Volen 105, Brandeis University

Disruptive innovations, such as the telephone, the personal computer and Wal-Mart have resulted in large scale changes to industry, our working lives and societies around the world. This talk explores the use of disruptive innovations as a means to catalyze desired social change. We will explore several examples of disruptive innovations that are being used to drive social change in different sectors including: healthcare, education and microfinance. We will look briefly at the impact they are having on addressing the underlying social problem. We will explore the model of how to develop a disruptive innovation to drive social change and explore some new innovations and discuss whether they fit the model and if not how they could be changed to be more effective.

Wanna go?