Escort Safety Service Pilots Shuttle Program

"Pilots shuttle program" hopefully piqued your interest.

The Brandeis Escort Safety Service sent out a press release for immediate release, announcing it will be implementing a trial shuttle on Saturday the 12th and Sunday the 29th, running from campus to Riverside Station shuttle. 

Although I am not familiar with what Riverside Station has to offer or why that specific location was chosen, I think it's great that the Escort Safety Service and Department of Public Safety are running trials and listening to student/user feedback.

This comes on the heels (the e-mail was sent an hour after) of the Student Union's announcement that the C-Store will be open extended hours, until 2 a.m., on November 5th, 12th and 19th, and that Dining Services will decide whether or not to extend hours permanently based on C-Store activity on those days.

So the question remains: what's making Brandeis so responsive to student feedback these days, and how can we use this to our advantage as members of the Brandeis community?

Read the full text of the press release below for details on the shuttle service.

The Brandeis University Escort Safety Service and the Department of Public Safety will be initiating a trial Campus to Riverside Station Shuttle. This two-day shuttle service trial is a result of collaboration with the Student Union.

The Department of Public Safety will be providing and covering the cost for a shuttle bus that seats 39 passengers. This shuttle service will run on two dates, Saturday November 12th and Sunday November 20th and will be in operation between the hours of 12:30pm and 8:30pm.

This two-day trial shuttle will allow us to review the demand for a possible, future Riverside Shuttle service. The Escort Safety Service will monitor passenger totals as well as other pertinent information. Additional information will follow relative to exact times and campus bus stop locations.

Please refer any questions or concerns to Shirel Guez (