Events on Campus this week

Today, we host the previously-discussed Harvey Silverglate.

What other speakers and events can we look forward to over the coming week?

Well, first off, there will be a very important pre-March 15th organizing session in the Romper Room at 11am this Sunday. There, people will make signs, create arts and crafts, and delegate duties for the
March 19th anti-Iraq War/ 5 year anniversary of Iraq vigil/rally at the Shapiro Campus Center Atrium at 5:15.

Well, there will be events throughout the day, but the main action happens at 5:15.

This anti-Iraq rally has been in the works for a while. Let’s make it happen. For more information contact our very own Ben Serby or Lev Hirschhorn

What else is on the agenda this week?

  • WATCH, a local organization promoting good low-income housing, is having a fundraising gala this April 15th. They want us to call local businesses to fundraise. Contact Justin Backal-Balik
    People are calling wednesday, thursday, and friday.
  • Jamie Eldridge, a wonderful progressive and nearby assembly member, is running for Massachusetts State Senate. Help him out by canvassing over the weekend. Contact Innermost Parts contributor Phil Lacombe for more detals.
  • Cape Wind is a great idea to have a wind farm in Eastern Mass. There will be a public hearing on whether to build it in Boston this Thursday. Drive down to Boston with Phil to speak in favor of clean energy.
  • The Waltham City Democratic Committee is having it’s first meeting of the 2008-2010 session 7pm this Thursday at in the Auditorium at Government Center, 119 School Street. This is your last chance (for the next 2 years) to become a Committeemember. The BranVan will take the Brandeis delegation there at 6:30. Questions? Email me at sahar <~at~> innermostparts *dot* org or use facebook.
  • Dr. Peter C. Frumhoff* will be giving a talk entitled: “Confronting Climate Change in the United States: Science, Political Will and Public Policy” this Friday from 12:15-1:45 pm at the Zinner Forum in the Heller School. Sources tell me there will be free food.

*Director of Science and Policy and Chief Scientist, Climate Campaign, Union of Concerned Scientists
I’m sure there are many other activists events going down this week. If you are a member of an activist club and want us to include updates on what you guys have been up to, email us at czar *at* innermostparts d0t org

Stay tuned for a special announcement later today…