Faculty and Staff Are Artists too!

To me, Brandeis is all about people having multiple skills, passions, areas of interest, and being able to pursue all of them no matter how disparate they may seem.
Although this is impossible at times, since there is not enough time to do everything you’re interested in, or sometimes you decide it’s better to focus on certain things than to try everything, that’s what a liberal arts education is— dabbling to some extent.

That’s why I was extremely happy to see the following advertised in the latest BrandeisNow newsletter which I so generously read through and am updating the activist calendar with, so you don’t have to (unless you want to that is). Basically, it’s an annual exhibition of artwork by faculty and staff from the Brandeis community who make art (and the category is very broad), organized by the Office of the Arts.

I think you should encourage teachers and staffworkers you know to submit their work, and show them your support by attending the exhibit once it goes up, in the middle of November!

Are you an artist or fine craftsperson outside of your 9 to 5 occupation?

The Office of the Arts invites you to exhibit artwork in JustArts, the annual exhibition of faculty and staff work in the Dreitzer Gallery in Spingold Theater Center, November 16-23.

To submit work, fill out the online form here by November 5.

Work in all media is eligible: painting, sculpture, jewelry, fiber, photography, sound installation.

Last year’s exhibition showcased art by 35 talented artists who work in every corner of Brandeis, from the mail room to the chaplaincy to athletics, and academic departments including politics and theater. See the video here.

Questions? Contact Ingrid Schorr, Office of the Arts, at ingrids@brandeis.edu or 781-736-5008.