Fill out that survey on dining reform

Student Union Prez Andy Hogan is circulating a survey to students that asks one question: “What do Brandeis students need in dining that we are not getting right now?”

Go fill it out.

Here’s my response, if you find it useful

1. Good, healthy food. What do I mean by good? Simply this: Food made from scratch.

2. The faculty club should be open for longer. I have class from 12-1, or 12-1:30, every day. I love the faculty club – they have the best food on campus, hands down. Can’t there be a way for me to still eat there?

3. Healthy food. See point 1. I don’t mean “health food”, but simply creating food from ingredients, not, for example, heating up pre-made frozen food.

4. It is really hard to keep a good diet at Brandeis when fruit costs over a dollar a piece. Down the road at Hanneford’s it costs roughly that much *per pound*! I need cheaper healthy food.


2 thoughts on “Fill out that survey on dining reform”

  1. i remember a link somewhere to checking your points balance. any idea where? I can’t find it through search. and of course it’s not on the brandeis dining site either.

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