Finally: Some Results

Earlier today we were lamenting the lack of results to go with the pledge of student involvement. Well, it appears we have made some headway.

Some quick updates:

There will be a student forum on the budget cuts tomorrow at 11 am, where both CFO Peter French and Pres. Jehuda Reinharz will present and answer questions. Info to come on location, etc.

Students will be appointed to the sub-committees investigating what to do about everything, though the verdict is still out on whether a student will be on the uber-steering committee. It even appears that they will be present in equal numbers with faculty and administrators, a great success and step in the right direction.

Updates and analysis to come.


One thought on “Finally: Some Results”

  1. Good to hear.

    Also well done to you and Innermost Parts. It’s been keeping me informed with all the recent developments and I very much appreciate it. Keep it up. Justin

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