Finally, we vote.

So, unknown to most of the Brandeis campus, voting has opened for the position of Senator for Racial Minorities.

So, vote, if you want.

Except (because no Union election can ever run smoothly) you can observe that no candidates are listed as officially running on the Union site. Once you get into the bigpulse voting software, however, Jean Souffrant is listed as an official candidate.


bigpulseObserve how the union has some confusion over who exactly is running for the position. Furthermore, there hasn’t been a student-wide email informing people about the election.

Not that this is a big deal. Unless there’s a write-in candidate to challenge Mr. Souffrant, the outcome of the election doesn’t seem to have changed.

Still. Why do union elections always suffer some sort of error?


One thought on “Finally, we vote.”

  1. Why do union elections always suffer some sort of error you ask. Simple, unfortunately this previous years secretary has been checked out (mentally) since fall elections were over, thankfully we have a more than competent elections commission to catch the proverbial ball that has continuously been dropped.

    Oh and a little added Bylaw fun fact. The Senate (a group this website loves so dearly) passed a bylaw stating that mobile polling is illegal for candidates; however, the elections commissioner is supposed to set them up… Did anyone see them, I didn’t.

    Have a great summer and hope that fall elections even happen lol

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