Forbidden Fruit

Dear Rebecca Blady,

In response to your recent article in The Justice, I’d like to highlight a particular sentence that, for your sake, I hope your editor inserted.

It’s important to question whether our First Amendment rights should trump our morality.

Um, what? Let’s put aside the fact that the first amendment refers to the power of state and local governments to censor speech.

Do you realize that you’re saying that a core American value should be superseded due to the presence of some third-rate glorified message board? I could create a less-fancy version of this website in the space of one hour. Should we ditch our first amendment rights for that site too? How about we get Brandeis to ban all pornography? People say that both porn and violent video games compromise our morality. It’s important to question whether our Fourth Amendment rights should trump our morality. I say we start searching through everyone’s dorm and confiscating their porn and Wiis.

Look, what are you proposing, exactly?

In a society in which [free speech] is considered an absolute, we must consider its limitations. We are obliged to curb free speech for the sake of our classmates’ emotional well-being.

Oh. So you’re going to try to get Brandeis to block the IP address of some shitty website? You know else hurts people’s well being? Facebook. There are pictures of so many underage teenagers drinking beer at parties. As you so eloquently put it, Real jobs and real reputations are at stake. Let’s ban Facebook too. After we search everyone’s dorm for porn and violent video games. I’ll be happy to offer my dorm room as a place to store any contraband we find.