Guilty Secrets

One week ago, US Airways put me on 4 cancelled flights and took 14 hours to turn a 1 hour flight to Rochester into a 1.5 hour flight to Buffalo, with an attendant 2-hour drive to Rochester. I spent the next day trying to track down my luggage. It turns out that in my haste not to miss my original flight, I forgot to pack the charger for my laptop.

Bereft of music, I’ve been relying on It’s great! It has a feature where it tracks every song you play on your desktop media player, and the online player automatically chooses which tracks to play based on that history.

Now, the world has the “gift” of Google Chrome’s porn mode, isn’t it time for to have one too? Spare the embarrasment of having Justin Timberlake or Duffy blasting from your “reccomended” station when friends are about.

It’s perfect and I don’t see why it doesn’t exist already.

So I’d like to introduce the idea of “break blogging”, where, during a break, all bets are off and we write about whatever pops to mind. But as soon as school starts, we’ll go right back to being Brandeis-focused.


One thought on “Guilty Secrets”

  1. My luggage arrived in Maryland fifty minutes after I left, so I still don’t have it. Stupid Delta…

    I want a free round-trip. They owe one to everyone who had to deal with this mess. 30 hours to get home…

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