Help Martha Coakley

I’m concerned. Martha Coakley, the Democrat to replace Ted Kennedy, might, incredibly, lose against a Republican challenger in freaking Massachusetts.

The reason? The vote takes place on Jan 19th, on a special election. Special elections are notorious for super-low turnout, which means that the outcome is only in doubt. If Republicans vote and Democrats don’t, then we are kind of screwed.

Up till now, this was a theoretical worry. But now polls are coming out showing that Coakley could lose.

The vote is on the 19th, the first day of school at Brandeis. Someone should organize them all to vote.


4 thoughts on “Help Martha Coakley”

  1. Go out and vote everyone! Counter to my direct interests, but I’d rather see Coakley win than no one vote, and Scott win by chance. Ideally, everyone votes, and closet Republicans in Mass make their voices heard, though.

  2. Your posts seems to focus only on the parties. Surely IMP is not encouraging us to be partisan hacks, so please, Sahar, tell us about these particular politicians’ stances and why you believe we are all screwed if one wins rather than the other. For the record I don’t have a preference between the candidates as I have yet to learn anything about either, but was just hoping you’d explain it as your blog post makes it seem like you were under the impression that their stances were already widely known.

  3. Rachelie, do you go to Brandeis? Would you like to cover it (possibly with me)?

    Otherwise, convince me why it’s worth my time? The senate is acting like a child. Why should I encourage it with attention?

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