Herbie! Answering questions? YOUR questions?

The next student leader to be interviewed is….

Herbie Rosen ’12! Did you know that Herbie is the Student Union president for this upcoming school year, as well as the former Student Union Secretary, active in Brandeis theatre, and much, much more?

What would YOU like to know from Mr. Rosen? It can be anything from when Herbie first started to go by the name Herbie, to which former Brandeis student president he liked the most!

You have until Thursday night at midnight to suggest questions or topics to cover! Submissions will be chosen based on relevance and the number of people that suggest similar themes.

Your name will not be attached to the question unless you ask for it to be, and you can e-mail questions to c…@innermostparts.org if privacy is an issue.

Note: In the spirit of opening dialogue as to various groups’ roles on campus, and to preview what these groups have planned for 2011-2012, I’m going to be asking student leaders to participate in online interviews, to be posted here. If you would like to be interviewed or have a suggestion of someone you think is worth interviewing, let us know and we will try to make your dreams come true!






One response to “Herbie! Answering questions? YOUR questions?”

  1. Anonymous

    How many ‘black tie events’ will you hold in your reigning year as leader of our student body?