Hi Everyone

Hello everybody! My name is Adam Hughes, and I am happy to say that I have joined Innermost Parts as a contributor. I’m really impressed with what Sahar and Loki have done with this site in the few short months it has been active, and I’m very excited to become a part of this great progressive forum at Brandeis University. My political activities and passions are very much in line with theirs, but I also hope to bring a fresh perspective on some important campus issues.

I hope to cover a broad range of topics in my posts, but there will be several areas to which I will devote the most attention. First, as an E-Board member of the Mixed Herie Club and a representative to the Brandeis Intercultural Center, I am very interested in diversity issues, particularly in the campus’s often laughable attempts to promote tolerance (the Hindley situation comes to mind). In addition, I am a fledgling columnist with the Brandeis Hoot, and I will try to discuss some of the more controversial articles that appear in it (like Jordan Rothman’s).

I will not, however, post much content dealing with national politics; I already have a site of this nature, Upon the Gears, which I co-founded and administer with Bret Matthew and Alex Norris (and which I naturally recommend you visit regularly). I look forward to writing here at Innermost Parts, and I hope you appreciate what I have to say.


2 thoughts on “Hi Everyone”

  1. Welcome Adam. I agree with everything Loki just said.

    It’s a bit of a truism that anything you see posted during the day was actually written past midnight on the day before, and delayed.

  2. We certainly will. And, in the long tradition of blogging, I would like to commend Adam for writing his first post at 4 in the morning. You shall do well here!

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