Hurry, Cane! Liveblogging the storm with you

I don’t like discussing weather unless it’s an analysis of sociopolitical impacts or global warming, but I don’t have the energy for that and Brandeis keep sending out these parking changes and warnings to returning upperclassmen not to move in, so let’s talk about it.

I’m blogging from New York City and it’s been pouring for a while, but the real fear isn’t about the winds or the rains, it’s about a power outage. The NY State National Guard are being deployed to Long Island and New York City, and ConEd’s main power plant, located by West Point, is expecting a power outage once water levels rise.

Rumors abound that we could be out of power for a week or more.

How are you guys doing? What’s the level of panic where you’re at? Anyone have horror stories about having to evacuate?

I’d love it if people used this post as a public forum to update people on what the weather is like where you’re located, and post any concerns/news/updates you hear.