I tend to exaggerate things

Like, for example, in the past two days I told two separate people that their relatively unremarkable overcoats were each “the coolest, most distinguished coat I have ever seen.”

Maybe I just think overcoats are cool and I wish I had one. Maybe I tend to vastly overblow the significance of cool things.

On that note, you should go to Raymond, NH, this saturday for the most epic battle of the century this side of Waziristan. 



 vs    Tufts
Brandeis   Tufts


BARACK the NH Vote! Whichever school canvasses the best will be able to claim superiority over the other for 100 summers. 

This Saturday.
Meet at Spingold at 10:30am.
Spread the Word. 
More info here.

update – 35 people confirmed to go so far. Can we make 40 by tonight?

And now, for a limited time only – you’re invited to a pre-emptive BARACK the vote victory (over tufts) party. Info here.


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