I’m running for President. Here’s why

Please let me grab your attention. I’m running for President of the Student Union to build on the work and values I’ve shown here at Innermost Parts.

Here’s why:

Last month, many of us skipped our classes to personally hand-deliver a love letter to the Muslim community at Brandeis, signed by over 600 of us. An anonymous vandal had defaced the Muslim Student Association lounge, and we wanted to demonstrate our solidarity and respect in response. That event showed the real character of this school – our positive energy renewed our sense of community, and left us feeling empowered.

When we delivered those messages – when we embraced our friends and classmates – we were the Student Union, even if we didn’t work through the official channels of a student government.

Right now the Union embitters students. We are rightfully scornful of all the petty infighting and pomposity. Imagine a Union working with us – a Union that brought students together.

I began my freshman year with the realization that students were being disrespected by the University, and the Student Union was doing nothing about it. I was angry at how the Administration made so many decisions that affected my life, but never bothered giving students a say. I was angry that the Student Union wasn’t standing up for us, and angry at how Union members seemed too busy to do anything about it. Years later, that has not really changed.

I’ve fallen in love with the idea of Brandeis and I’ve dedicated myself to pushing it toward its ideals. We are a school explicitly founded to fight against discrimination and bigotry, and to this day we talk about our strong commitment to Social Justice. Throughout my time here at Brandeis, I’ve worked to empower the student body, to stiffen the spine of the Union, and to promote our shared Brandeis ideals. Yet the challenges that we faced in my freshman year, we still face today. As President, I will open up your Student Union. We will work together to stand up to the administration, and to tear down the walls between us.

If your vision for a better Brandeis is similar to mine, I would appreciate your support. You what I stand for. Only if we work together can this campaign succeed. Please, check out my website and volunteer.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “I’m running for President. Here’s why”

  1. I usually don’t read all the millions of things you post..because there are a million..but I read/watched this. I’m really proud of you Sahar. You’re amazing, and smart, and you look like dad (but only kind of, don’t worry you don’t look like a bird) I love you. I’m sorry things didn’t work out the way you wanted, but I don’t think it really matters. You’ll find a way to make a difference anyway.

  2. The BoBPC is fully in support of your candidacy. “Go beyond the impossible and kick reason to the curb!”

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