In the words of Danny Cairns…

At a secret faculty meeting, Alex, Sahar, and Danny went with an anonymous student photographer to the upstairs door, which was locked. They went downstairs to try to access the front door, and were bounced out by a bouncer. She [Alwina Bennett] asked Alex if he had to call anyone, and Alex said “ok!”

Shortly thereafter, police showed up. Alwina Bennet came back out and said that the students were trying to access a secret faculty meeting. Bennet claimed Alex hurt her hand as she tried to open the door. Apparently the interaction was entirely nonviolent. The police said that the students could potentially be charged with assault and battery, though it seemed this was an empty claim.

Ed Callahan explained that everyone should be allowed to have private meetings. Then they spoke with the police, who made a report.

Jason Gray arrived to talk with them.

Now, a group of students are assembled at the top of the Rabb steps, waiting for the faculty to exit.


Author: Liza

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  1. Brandeis can constitute even something like this as a violation of student code of conduct ( I should know). It seems that Jason Gray defused the situation so hopefully nothing will come of it.

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