Innermost Parts scoops local Media

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Primary Election Results:

Reported on Innermost Parts – March 31
Reported in The Justice – April 1
Reported in The Hoot – April 4

Final Election Results:

Reported on Innermost Parts – April 2
Reported in The Justice – Not Yet April 2?
Reported in The Hoot – April 4


4 thoughts on “Innermost Parts scoops local Media”

  1. The Justice posted its article on the final election round, complete with voting tallies, on April 2 online – just f.y.i.

  2. Bret – I disagree. If anything, we didn’t cover the Mamoon story enough.

    Anonymous – The dead tree nature of the established media creates a hole in the market. There is demand for an up-to-date, instantly-disseminated news source. We fill that demand. That is all.

  3. I’m sorry but this is a poor post. You can put an article up on this blog at anytime. You can’t do that with print media, which comes out once a week.

  4. innermost parts also completely misrepresented the Mamoon story.

    there are benefits to working with the campus media… you learn things

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