Interesting op-ed in Globe by Brandeis Prof Donahue

Prof. Brian Donahue, professor of American Environmental History and guru of local community farming, has a good op-ed in yesterday’s Boston Globe outlining the feasibility of growing a much larger quantity of our food locally, here in New England.

He writes,

We need a targeted expansion in local production of foods that really belong in New England, tied to reforms throughout our global agricultural system – and certainly, some reduction of meat in our diets. This would bless us with healthier food, an attractive landscape, and opportunities for people to become more engaged with how their food is grown. Yes, we can shrink our carbon footprint, too, if we farm with that in mind. But in the end those connections, not some chimera of local self-sufficiency, are the real benefits of local farming.

Check the rest out here. Its worth a read.