Internship Exchange Proves Informative

I've been considering writing about Brandeis' Internship Exchange for a while, but I wanted to test it out first.

Having played around on the site, I can now say that it is in fact helpful. 

Basically, Hiatt wants to offer students more opportunities to network, because the more successful Brandeis students and alumni are, the more Brandeis benefits. 

The way this program facilitates success is by allowing students to anonymously "review" internships they have had, including a description of their duties, how it matched up with their expectations, and more. Then, other students can search through this database of internships Brandeis students have held, and find applicable ones.

At first I was annoyed because of the limited search options on the homepage.

However, then I dsicovered that underneath lay a tab for "Advcanced Search options," which includes a wide range of criteria (interests, majors and minors, location, compensation etc.). Just so you're aware.

Looking through users' reviews is informative and entertaining. Since they're anonymous, but users write their major/minor and year of graduation, it's fun trying to guess who's are whose.

Many of the internships sound awesome, and it's nice to know that they've employed Brandeisians before, since that will presumably give you a leg up when applying.

One complaint, however, is that most of the links to the organizations' websites don't work, but instead redirect you to a new page, reading:

Not Found

The requested URL /InternshipReview/[insert correct link here] was not found on this server.

The correct link is included at the end of the incorrect link, so it's still possible to find the organizartion's site you're looking for, it just makes it that much more difficult. 

So, good job, Hiatt. Thanks for giving me MORE ways to procrastinate. But also to find jobs. Thanks.