Iraq Vigil: Keep The Flame Alive

Alright, so we had a successful peace rally and vigil last week, as noted on this blog and in various publications. But we need to keep that enthusiasm and unity alive. Within the last few days, the number of confirmed American deaths in Iraq has reached the 4,000 mark. Vigils have been held all over the country to mark this, and currently the Protestant chaplain here, Alex Kern, is organizing an event.

The time is on Thursday, from 12:10 to 12:30, and the location is at the Peace Circle by the Library.

Everyone should try to be there, or at the very least spread the word. We need to follow through on our conscious commitment to ending this war, and building a movement of people who will see to it that we do not senselessly enter similar conflicts in the future. (Also, bring signs if you’ve got ’em).